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5 Steps to Make Digital Transformation Work for You

Many enterprises have a digital strategy, but more than 90% of them fail to actually achieve their Digital Transformation (DT) goals.

SmarTek21 bridges the gap between technology strategy and execution.  We understand the opportunities and pitfalls around enabling you towards the 10% that succeed.  The process is a journey and we will meet you exactly where you are:

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We know you aren’t taking this action lately. So we will ensure your overall strategy aligns with your Digital Transformation Initiatives. Part of this involves benchmarking your current portfolio and understanding your organizational structures and dependencies.  Finally, we review the current financial performance and business processes, so we can evaluate improvements upon completion.

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Every IT architecture has its own legacy programs and processes from years or decades of updates. First, we’ll review the existing projects and documentation. But we know not everything is documented, so we also interview your IT team, look at the operations and examine the infrastructure ourselves. That enables us to find the risks and bottlenecks, identify gaps, and preset alternatives. At this point we can review the governance and provide a Cost Benefit Analysis for ROI & TCO Data.

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We know this isn’t a transformation you want to undertake more than once, so we begin by developing a strategy to make sure your applications are sustainable over time and plan technologies that will be relevant for many years. Then we provide DevOps and Digital Transformation Scorecards and Benchmarks so you can track your progress.

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The transformation and implementation will only be useful if your team uses the applications. Thus, before launching, we’ll create professional looking mockups that focus on User Experience and team adoption. We provide everything from data mapping and integration, wire framing and a clickable demo.

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Finally, it’s time to implement the application. Starting with DevOps, then automating the Infrastructure code and releasing the code at a rapid rate. You’ll experience a reduced support footprint, and have instant access to data analytics and dashboards.

“Twice the output for half the cost” is our mantra and is backed by our performance guarantee. Learn more about all of our Digital Transformation solutions, or contact an expert today.

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Raymond Perkey
Raymond Perkey
RAYMOND PERKEY as the Regional and Executive to be for SmarTek21 comes with Over 20 years’ experience transforming and growing services organizations with Enterprise Customers and SMB. Global Leadership in Sales, Presales, Developing People and loves to grow people and organizations. Raymond has worked and integrated startups in larger organizations. Computer Associates, Flexera Software, SunGard, BroadVision and others. Raymond holds a MBA in Finance from KELLOGG Graduate School, Northwestern University.
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