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Your data strategy and systems must not only support your business. They must drive it forward.

SmarTek21 transforms your organization's ability to thrive in a data-driven world.

SmarTek21 was founded in 2006 by technology and business experts who realized that the business world was becoming increasingly data driven. They understood that to thrive in such an environment, organizations of all sizes must transform, to become the types of enterprises who employ data as a strategic asset that drives business strategy and as the foundation of a dramatically improved ability to engage with their workforce and customers.

Specifically, we realized that the key to such digital transformations was to integrate technologies from several disciplines into holistic solutions that offer:

  • Product architecting and development
  • Digital transformation, data strategy and management
  • Cloud enablement and migration
  • Advanced user engagement systems powered by advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning

By marrying powerful data management systems with conversational AI so that users — both internal and external — can more naturally interact with applications, services, and brands through text and even voice with greater context, richness, and personalization.

A Platform to Accelerate Innovation

SmarTek21 was ahead of the curve in anticipating the move towards convergence of services and products into unified solutions. As a software service and product solutions company, we designed innumerable tools and scripts to accelerate the development high innovative, highly cost-effective solutions. Over time, these tools and libraries evolved into our Digital Business Platform

SmarTek21’s Digital Business Platform is the foundation for our various service practices, including Hybrid/Cloud Data Services, Data Management and Strategy, and AI and Advanced Analytics. Smartek21’s provides data and AI services and software that transform organizations into digital enterprises that can thrive in a data-driven world. Each requires a critical blend of deep industry expertise in business and data strategy, cloud technologies, security, AI/machine learning/analytics, and change management skills that only a company like SmarTek21 can provide. SmarTek21’s unique combination of platform, services, and expertise has helped transform many of the worlds’ most recognized companies into digital enterprises that use data and analytics as a primary driver of strategy, business value, and competitive advantage.

Asset-based managed services are a way to bring codified collective knowledge of your firm to your clients in a rapid deployment fashion and sustained through continuous services.

Deployment Without Restrictions

SmarTek21 is a partner with the major cloud service providers to help ensure that your solution can be deployed on whichever cloud provider best suits to your workload needs, or perhaps even more than one if your workloads require a multi-cloud solution.

However, public clouds are not the only deployment options we support. SmarTek21 has a long history of developing and managing on-premise solutions, hosted, and hybrid solutions. This allows us to delay the right solution for you, ensuring efficiency security, and compliance with regulatory mandates.

Learn more about SmarTek21’s tools and technologies, which help accelerate our ability to build innovative solutions.

Ensuring Business Results

The path to digital transformation is fraught with challenges deciding which legacy applications to migrate to modern platforms and which to modernize to enhance reliability, service ability and functionality. According to Gartner, “legacy applications contain valuable core functions and data that are essential for your digital business initiatives.” At SmarTek21, we recognize the need to leverage the valuable existing assets while migrating, modernizing and transforming your portfolio.

SmarTek21 Migration, Modernization and Transformation Services will help you utilize the best mix of cloud and traditional infrastructure to run your business applications. Our experts will determine application requirements, migrate and modernize applications without disruption, furnish a secure, stable infrastructure, and provide a smooth transition to new service models.

SmarTek21 helps your enterprise manage your portfolio as an asset, removing impediments and executing continuous business-driven modernization to get optimum value from your legacy and future investments. Success requires an iterative approach of continuous application migration, modernization and transformation.

Leading your cloud journey

SmarTek21 Technology provides a managed suite of agile services to guide your organization on this journey. SmarTek21 Migration, Modernization and Transformation Services combine global digital delivery and best-in-class technologies to thoroughly analyze options, ensure a successful migration, modernization and, if needed, management of your environment. You can reduce your total cost of ownership by rationalizing and modernizing your applications portfolio and infrastructure to exploit new service capabilities and operating models while leveraging the core business intellectual property (IP) contained in legacy applications and data.

SmarTek21’s services shorten the time, lower costs and reduce the risk when migrating to public clouds or between clouds, data centers or virtual platforms. We provide a flexible end-to-end agile framework for planning and executing successful migrations and modernizations of applications to accelerate your business outcomes.