Since 2006, our customers have trusted us to deliver on their aggressive digital transformation projects and rescue them from technology challenges that stall their business.

SmarTek21 provides outcome-based deliverables by combining project-driven professional services and ongoing managed services that help identify, deploy, optimize and support the right technology and applications to deliver on your specific business goals.

We are not a consulting firm, who typically have a siloed and short-term mentality that requires periodic re-architecting, re-deployment and disruption to day-to-day business. Instead, we offer a collaborative solution that helps ensure business goes smoothly today, tomorrow and for years to come.


Successful Projects

  • Architected a global music platform to support 1M+ events/sec
  • Re-factored an advertising platform and automated 90% of quality assurance (QA) processes while reducing operating expenses by 42%
  • Enhanced a marketing automation platform with more granular tracking, leading to a USD75M increase in annual revenues
  • Implemented DevOps practices to increase software release cadence for a client by 4x, saving them USD1.3M annually
  • Implemented an incentive compensation platform for a client that handled USD3B and saved them USD14M in operating expenses annually
  • Helped a customer migrate on-premise data to the cloud in under three months for a 30% efficiency gain


Our People

  • 400+ employees across the globe
  • Flexible engagement model: project-based and ongoing managed services
  • Use a blend of offshore and onshore resources to help reduce costs
  • 300+ patents & 2,500+ award nominations
  • 24x7x365 support help desk


Our Packaged Applications Expertise

  • Over a decade of experience helping customers identify, deploy, optimize, and support the right technology and applications
  • Includes category leading enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle and SharePoint
  • Over 1/3 of our employees hold advanced certifications
  • We leverage our experience to deliver on the goals of your business


Our Products

To address unmet market needs, we’ve developed our own line of products:

  • SmartBotHub is an industry leading Conversational AI platform that solves tough challenges and unearths new opportunities through customer care and digital marketing programs — Gartner’s top 20 vendor.
  • Enterprise Cloud Connect (ECC) provides a fast and easy way to connect disparate data sources and better integrate them with your systems.


Value Realized by Our Customers

  • Enabling better productivity for over 500,000+ employees worldwide
  • Raised customer satisfaction by 30% to 60% on average
  • Reduced support costs by 15% to 40%
  • Improved SLAs to exceed 99%


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