Information Management and Metrics Review Are Paramount to Sculpting Your Future Business Plans.

SmarTek21 can manage, secure and store your big data while making it easy for you to access as needed. We offer analytics and insight regarding your collected data to help you shape and grow your business for tomorrow’s market.

Business Information Architecture

Getting to the right data efficiently is paramount in any enterprise. This involves having the right data management architecture and strategy. Should this include a data warehouse? A data lake? A big data strategy? SmarTek21 specializes in these things. We can provide the strategy and design to meet your increasing needs for accessing your data as efficiently as possible. We can help you design and implement the best architecture for your user groups who thrive on access to your critical data.

Visualization Dashboard & Integration

Visualization is the key to unlocking analytics and insights. Whether it’s real-time event-driven or data warehouse reporting, insights come alive when they can be visualized in a compelling dashboard for leaders to review. SmarTek21 has extensive experience with tools such as; Cognos, Tableau, D3 and Kivana to design your ultimate dashboard views.

Marketing Automation & Support

Track all marketing campaigns across all platforms and channels. Bring all your marketing performance metrics into a single unified view. Compare and contrast results by campaign and by channel. Optimize where you spend future marketing dollars on campaigns. SmarTek21 provides consulting services in conjunction with our ECC product to create your ultimate marketing automation environment.

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