SmarTek21 Makes Chatbot Resources Freely Available For COVID-Affected Organizations

"Big Three" National Broadcaster Introduces Real-time Digital News Production Solution With SmarTek21 Managed Service Team

SmarTek21’s Flexible, Agile Problem-solving Approach and Technical Literacy Transformed Our Existing Workflow Processes and Have Enabled Us to Move Faster and Regain Our Competitive Edge


SmartTek21 delivered value to this major news network and millions of digital news consumers by:

  • Saving this network thousands of hours in production time


Reducing the team size required to manage operations by 40% by decoupling the user layer from Sharepoint data model, enabling resources to focus on other core initiatives
Implementing a robust request fulfillment platform with role-based dashboards across the wide-range of job functions providing information real-time hours


Improved number of competitive news releases by 25% over other networks.

While producing every news story shown on any of its various networks, this major news network production department’s function flowed through a complex set of legacy systems to production and news deadlines. News Production and Reporting professionals interacted solely via email or phone, with scheduling on the fly via a byzantine system of intake and request-triages. This archaic request fulfillment was being utilized, in a volume of over one hundred daily requests. Additionally, there was a digital-unfriendly culture in an environment where poorly executed automation attempts had been attempted and poorly received.

SmartTek21’s collaboration and productivity experts focused on the process of how all types of information were ingested into the existing network digital asset management system. We analyzed the network’s existing disparately structured Intranet and provided management a series of strategic insights focused on integrated intake forms and next-generation reporting tools.

A POC was developed by SmarTek21 software development teams to redefine by job assignment, news ingestion, reporting processes, and workflows aimed to streamline news story production operations across all 27 of the news’ digital properties as well as freelance reporters, and affiliate ‘stringer’ networks.

The production release combined modern web-dev technologies like HTML 5, knockout.js, and bootstrap.js in a lightweight UI layer on top of SharePoint 2013. The entire package was tied up with a smart middleware layer integrated with the enterprise-grade power of RESTful API’s delivering robust SaaS web services.