You Just Migrated to Office 365. Now What?

Many companies finish their Office 365 migration with disappointing results. End users fail
to realize expected functionality, IT departments face unplanned support challenges, and
executive management questions the total value received from their investment.

But companies that trust SmarTek21 to help them through the process experience
something completely different. We help our customers fill the gaps to meet end user
expectations, lift their IT organization above the support drudgery, and enable them to focus on other important mission-critical initiatives.

Business Innovation Driven by Digital

SmarTek21 is uniquely capable of helping customers realize the reality of Office 365 delivery potential, by leveraging technical capability to provide business outcomes. We take the time to understand what makes you successful, then quickly move to deliver business-focused results by leveraging our deep domain expertise in Office 365 functionality.

Let SmarTek21 help you with our unique proven approach toward driving the last mile of value from an Office365 migration. Our cost-effective, results-driven methodology can deliver your missing benefits and maintain your systems efficiently.

Our Success

SmarTek21 success begins and ends by ensuring our customers achieve their vision and
aspirations for a measurable return on investment from their O365 platform enablement.
Below we list a small sample set of where we’ve partnered to achieve results that matter.


What we did: Knowledge Management for Call Center Operations.


  • 37% faster resolution per call.
  • 5% increase in customer up-sell.
  • A significant uptick in service rep retention.


What we did: Process Optimization for News Media Production.


  • Streamlined process for all 27 news brands.
  • Used to produce 2000+ TV news stories monthly.
  • More than $1 million annual savings in overhead.


What we did: Knowledge Management for Call Center Operations.


  • Increased data migration velocity by more than 100%.
  • Mitigated all project risks and exceeded customer expectations for delivery.

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