SmarTek21’s Digital Business Platform


Increasing productivity and business value by

merging powerful data management with

conversational AI

SmarTek21 has always been guided by the realization that to thrive in an increasing digital business world, organizations of all sizes must become more data driven, and that the key to doing so is to marry powerful data management systems with conversational AI so that users — both internal and external — can more naturally interact with applications, services, and brands through text and even voice with greater context, richness, and personalization.

Our Digital Business Platform provides robust “Big Data” cleansing, data preparation, integration, and transformation capabilities, and couples it with what has been recognized by Gartner for the second year in the row as one of the leading Conversational AI platforms, a system that enables natural, contextual, and multilingual data engagement.



Companies of all sizes are awash in data. But data that cannot be easily accessed and engaged is of little value. How, then, to help your workforce and customers better engage with the data you’ve refined, connected, and deployed? While there are innumerable ways to provide better, easier access to data, the ideal is to allow the user to interact naturally with your systems, to allow them to ask for they need without any particular knowledge of where that data is or how it is formatted, and let the system determine their intent and respond accordingly. This is the promise of SmartBotHub, our industry-leading Conversational AI platform, to naturally interact with applications, services, and brands through text and even voice with greater context, richness, and personalization.

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Good data management begins with inventorying your data and understanding what you have, where it is, the relationships between them, and the ability evaluate the fitness of that data for particular uses. This information can then be placed in a data catalog, which, like a library catalog, helps you find what you are looking for and then more integrate, transform, and/or analyze it.
SmarTek21’s Enterprise Cloud Connect (ECC) lets you cleanse and normalize your data, integrate it with other data, and generally scrub and prepare data for further use. This may be as simple as normalizing state abbreviations, or as complex as using statistical and AI techniques to try to fill in gaps in data. ECC also helps you easily migrate or integrate with the widest array of data solutions, including structured, unstructured, and streaming data. All of this helps ensure that your business analytics, AI/ML, and other initiatives are successful.

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The variety of deployment options available for modern data platforms can be daunting. Do I just need a database, a data lake, or a data forest? A data warehouse or a data mart? Most modern data platforms are cloud-centric—can I deploy on premise or in a hybrid architecture? And can I integrate these modern systems with my older, legacy infrastructure and systems?
Whatever the question, SmarTek21 has the answer. We have extensive experience developing native cloud/multi-cloud systems, completely on-premise solutions, and hybrid solutions as necessary for your particular challenges and workloads.

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