Increase the Pace of your Release Management by Relying on us to Add DevOps Practices.

Benefit from better lifecycle management for legacy and next-generation applications

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Trends Shaping DevOps


IT projects run 45% over budget & 7% over time, while delivering 56% less value than predicted. 17% of large IT projects go so badly they can threaten the very existence of the company.

— McKinsey & Company

Why SmarTek21 Agile DevOps Management?

Many companies want to leverage DevOps practices for both legacy and next-generation applications. But, it can be difficult to achieve this successfully. DevOps is as much a philosophy as it is a set of methodologies and tools, and it must be applied correctly in order to enable more streamlined and efficient processes. At SmarTek21, we have a proven track record helping clients overcome challenges and employ DevOps as part of their core release management. We also offer a hybrid combination of onshore and offshore delivery models for a cost-effective way to add DevOps methodologies to your business.

Speed up release management and improve quality

Our certified experts will set up systems and methods that have a highly repeatable process. This will give you the ability to accelerate the pace of innovation at your company while adding better controls to reduce the potential for errors.

Offload support and workflows for legacy applications

SmarTek21 can take over the release management of your legacy services, freeing up your development teams. This can provide them with extra time to add features, fix bugs and help ensure your legacy application is functioning at its best. Not to mention, it can free them up to develop the next wave of revenue-generating applications.

Get to market faster using modern development practices

Our customers stay competitive by leveraging our proven use cases and reference accounts. It helps them drive success for new applications and improve their bottom line.

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Leveraging Our Own Products

With SmarTek21, you get more than an experienced team and trusted services. You also get access to our line of products, which can work together with our solutions to address the need for better self-service and access to data sources.

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Connect disparate data sources and migrate on-premise to the cloud

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