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Trends Shaping Security


Effective management of user privileges is one of the cornerstones of a strong security profile. Granting users unnecessary data access rights or system privileges can result in either accidental or deliberate misuse of data and create vulnerabilities to external attack.


Why SmarTek21 Cyber Security & Risk Management?

Implement identity and access management

SmarTek21 helps keep your data secure from external and internal threats. We implement identity management solutions and user entitlement restrictions, which give you the ability to target individuals in your organization and establish control, compliance and audit procedures that limit their access to data and applications.

Expedient governance risk and compliance (GRC) advisory

We specialize in regulatory compliance for public access framework and risk management. Our focus is on professional services for MetricStream, a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software. But, we also provide global IT controls process mapping of policies and procedures—linking multiple external standards like NIST, CSA, COBIT and documenting organizational roles and responsibilities for key controls used by your GRC tool. In addition, we offer third-party risk management governance development of controls, first-line and second-line oversight processes and executive reporting for highly regulated organizations.

Insightful threat and control assessments

We offer penetration testing and application assessment with remediation. We start with cloud service governance policies, processes and tools—including current state assessment, roadmap, technical implementation and initial governance tools like Netskope and Elastica/Blue Coat. In preparation for public and private cloud implementation practices like target reference architectures, we also offer application rationalization and cloud readiness assessments for security, architecture and vendor risk for over 1,000 B2B and B2C applications.

Leveraging Our Own Products

With SmarTek21, you get more than an experienced team and trusted services. You also get access to our line of products, which can work together with our solutions to address the need for better self-service and access to data sources.

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