Simplify Integration Initiatives and Address the Challenges of Accessing all your Data and Improve its Accuracy to Power Applications and Insights.

Ensure your data delivers accurate and sustainable business value.

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Trends Shaping Data


Organizations believe that 33% of their current customer and prospect data is inaccurate in some way and 89% of C-level executives agree that inaccurate data is undermining their ability to provide an excellent customer experience.

— Experian

Why SmarTek21 Data Management & Data Cleansing?

Data is the backbone of most companies, yet the infrastructure used to store and manage it is often not up to the task. SmarTek21s data scientists can help address the challenges commonly found in data storage—including connecting multiple data sources and formats, ensuring the infrastructure can cost-effectively scale with rapidly growing amounts of data and improving data fidelity.

Benefit from data governance across disparate sources

  • SmarTek21 specializes in providing strategy and design for accessing data as efficiently as possible 
  • Our experts can help you create consolidated views to make it easier than ever to access the information you seek 
  • As an integral part of every engagement, our security team will ensure your data meets the required governance and compliance mandates 

Backup and safeguard data with full audit support

  • SmarTek21 can help you design and implement architecture that can scale, deliver low latency and protect your data against potential loss 
  • Our data experts will ensure your data is properly backed up based on various data segmentation and prioritization 
  • All deployments include reporting to support audit needs and requirements 

Get a better return on analytics and BI tools

  • SmarTek21 can deploy and/or customize leading analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools 
  • Our data experts can help build and maintain reports and dashboards 
  • We offer analytics and insights regarding your collected data to help you shape and grow your business 

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Leveraging Our Own Products

With SmarTek21, you get more than an experienced team and trusted services. You also get access to our line of products, which can work together with our solutions to address the need for better self-service and access to data sources.

Provide self-service and advanced AI to upsell/cross-sell.

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Connect disparate data sources for personalized insights.

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