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Trends Shaping Digital Engagement & Customer Experience


Organizations recognize the need to take action regarding customer experience; yet, 75% of B2B — and 40% of B2C — organizations engage in isolated, bottom-up initiatives, often with little data other than an innate sense that something is not quite working and needs to be fixed.

— Gartner

Why SmarTek21 Digital Engagement & Customer Experience?

The way people want to interact with businesses is changing at a furious pace. If your company doesn’t have an effective digital engagement strategy in place to keep up, you are risking losing customers who demand a better experience.   At SmarTek21, we specialize in helping companies stay up to speed with the demands of today’s customers. We have over a decade of experience helping businesses transform their systems and remain competitive in a constantly changing technological landscape. Not to mention, we have a proven track record delivering value in just six weeks.

Engineered for omni channel interactions

Our solutions are built from the ground up for an omnichannel or cross-channel content strategy that’s specifically designed to improve your customer’s experience. We can also deliver an integrated experience across desktop, mobile, tablet and smartwatch to ensure a cohesive experience that your customers will remember.

Connect and integrate multiple data sources

Tackling the challenge of accessing data from multiple sources and formats is easier with our solutions. We can architect a model that orchestrates the data and provides better access to the applications that need it. Our solutions are also focused on improving the reusability, scalability and extensible access to the data already in your systems.

Present meaningful and personalized information

Solutions from SmarTek21 harness the data from your systems and organizes it in a way that makes it easy for applications to access and present it. This allows for deep segmentation and personalization of the information, which delights customers by giving them access to exactly what they are looking for. It also provides opportunities to effectively upsell and cross-sell customers by presenting information they will be interested in based on their data-driven profiles.

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Leveraging Our Own Products

With SmarTek21, you get more than an experienced team and trusted services. You also get access to our line of products, which can work together with our solutions to address the need for better self-service and access to data sources.

Provide self-service and a better customer experience 24x7

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Connect disparate data sources for a completed and accurate view

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