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Organizations that implement compensation management solutions can expect to reduce errors by more than 90%, reduce processing times by more than 40% and reduce IT and Admin staffing by more than 50%.


Why SmarTek21 SPM?

Compensating based on closed deals is a solid motivational tool for sales reps. But, the SPM solutions they rely on are complex—both from a business process and IT perspective. To ensure your SPM accurately calculates sales commissions, pays accurately and on time and performs at its best, you need well-managed business processes and supporting IT systems. At SmarTek21, we can help you get more out of your SPM. We have a deep understanding of business processes and technology, which has helped us minimize operational issues and increase operational efficiencies for countless clients. We are also experienced in roll out’s, maintaining SLAs for performance, enhancing operational excellence and adding intelligence to tools. What’s more, we leverage a combination of IP, years of experience and custom project management tools to deliver consistent results.

Integrate with necessary systems and data sources

Sales compensation calculations require data from a variety of sources. At SmarTek21, we’ll help you compile territory information, leads and pipeline data from and actual transactions data from ERP systems—including SAP, Oracle and people data from HR systems like Workday. Then, we’ll help you pull data from these disparate systems into an SPM system regularly; before commission calculations run.

Configure and implement business rules

Our solution speeds up the implementation of new incentive programs. This means your team can move faster, respond to changing market needs and drive better incentives for your sales team. SmarTek21 has also established a solid knowledge transfer process, which can help you transfer operational knowledge from your commissions application developers and business users to your operations team.

Create comprehensive reporting for all teams and users

The SmarTek21 solution enables flexible reporting. This allows your team to track results, make informed decisions and allow for some creative freedom when generating reports and metrics. Our solution will also help you become self-sufficient. We’ve developed a robust self-service knowledge management system with 24x7 support and an intuitive AI-based help desk.

Leveraging Our Own Products

With SmarTek21, you get more than an experienced team and trusted services. You also get access to our line of products, which can work together with our solutions to address the need for better self-service and access to data sources.

AI-driven engine integrated into IBMs SPM or SAPs CALLIDUS CLOUD to provide answers to the many questions sales rep may have.

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A robust data aggregator that reduces custom IT footprints while bringing data from disparate systems together.

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Vendor Partnerships

The SPM landscape has many vendors offering platforms which present buyers with a number of strengths and weaknesses as well as a myriad of compromises. We support multiple SPM platforms and have the expertise to optimize your deployment.

We have a partnership with two of the market leaders: IBM and SAP.

SmarTek21’s Enterprise Cloud Connect (ECC) and Intellectual Property (IP) work on both platforms. It provides a fast and efficient way to access resources and data sources.

SmarTek21’s SmartBotHub works in close coordination or on top of their SPM platforms to offer ChatBot capabilities and conversational AI.

IBM Sales Performance Management

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SAP Callidus

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