Design. Build. Test. Release. Improve. Repeat.

From design to implementation, SmarTek21 leverages the Agile development process for turning out market-ready products in the shortest time possible.

Pan-Platform Mobile App Design

Developing mobile applications can be very costly with take longer to bring to market if they are being built distinctly for each mobile operating environment. SmarTek21 are experts in mobile application design and develops mobile applications that are self-contained and operate independent of mobile operating environment. This enables a “write-once” and deploy to many platforms efficiency advantage for your product organization. There are times when certain features may need to be developed in a native mobile platform and SmarTek21 has native platform development expertise as well.

UI/UX Design Services

UI/UX design is an art, if not a dance with the end user in getting the experience right! UI/UX design is often taken lightly with simple requirements gathering and diving head-first into designing. SmarTek21 delivers an iterative and flexible design model including; interviews with end users, and frequent light prototype check-ins so the right experience is iterated closer and closer until the best design is completed. SmarTek21 utilizes agile development methods in all of our deliveries.

Rapid Custom Application Development

Speed to market and flexibility are critical for business success and first mover advantages. SmarTek21 has helped many companies bring applications to market in weeks, not months while maintaining alignment with stakeholder requirements and objectives. Agile development is our DNA, and with our offshore resource model, you can have FAST development with reduced cost of delivery.

Product Implementation and Integration

Buy or Build? “Buy” often makes the most sense if the right COTS products are chosen and the correct integration is performed. SmarTek21 can design an off the shelf set of packages coupled with API integration expertise to deliver a high quality, full functioning solution at a fraction of the cost of a build option.

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