SmarTek21 Makes Chatbot Resources Freely Available For COVID-Affected Organizations


Rethinking cyber protection in the digital age.

Today, in one form or another, virtually every organization is on the path to digital. Digitalization presents new business opportunities, it breaks down barriers and provides the capability to drive work beyond the boundary of just one team or one organization. It enables closer collaboration between workers, partners, suppliers and customers, connecting them like never before. However, while the benefits of digital transformation are clear to see, for the majority, the journey won’t be challenge free.

85% of chief information security officers view security issues related to digital transformation as having a somewhat to extremely large effect on their companies.

The implementation of new digital technology not only requires an update of existing IT systems, it also requires changes in other areas, such as business processes, strategies, and corporate culture. In the new digital age, innovation is happening everywhere, changing how companies consume technology, buy in services and share, use and store data, and it’s here where IT departments are potentially losing control and security risks are multiplying.