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Cloud Migration

Cloud implementations typically result in the reduction of legacy support costs by 50% or more. Whether Azure, AWS or Office 365, our consulting team has the expertise to perform a cloud migration of your legacy application and systems environment. Cloud capability versus your legacy custom functionality typically will not be identical or compatible, which is why you want an experienced and trusted consulting partner to design and navigate a successful cloud migration with data integrity and quality assurance.

Application Refactoring

Legacy applications typically sit on a technology island separated from more current and flexible technology. Such isolation makes technology integration, enhancements, and maintenance costly and thus not sustainable. SmarTek21 knows this pain and has helped many companies refactor and modernize their application catalogue. This modernization results in more modern, flexible and open architectures poised for sustainability.

ITIL/ITSM Implementation

Success is all about measured results. How effective is your IT environment? ITIL/ITSM results in best practices of IT operations that translate into real “measured” results that end users experience. SmarTek21 specializes in designing operational environments which transform your organization by creating improved efficiency, better end user satisfaction in uptime, etc. and reduced costs through self-service and workload reduction.

Strategic Roadmap Development

Do you have a shared vision of your technology roadmap? What are your key steps or next steps in your roadmap? SmarTek21 has the expertise to facilitate you through a roadmap development that ensures success for the future.

Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Enabling and maintaining your organization’s sales effectiveness is central to long-term sustained growth and success. Designing, refining, and deploying appropriate and timely Sales Performance Management & Compensation Plans fuels sales team achievement. Maintaining systems, technology, and processes to deliver accurate, and on time reporting can be costly and burdensome.

Allow SmarTek21’s SPM team of specialists to partner with you to enable all aspects of your SPM operation; from design and implementation, to ongoing support and consultation of sales compensation plans.

Enterprises invest significant capital into their Sales Performance Management technology to ensure effective processing and reporting. If your organization is undergoing a significant review of existing SPM operations, we can assist in leading a SPM consulting and review process. Part of that process typically involves developing a quantifiable business case around your sales performance solution so all key stakeholders in sales, finance, HR and IT have full transparency and impact. Some areas include:

  • Strategy
  • Vendor Evaluation and Facilitation
  • Current State Assessment / Future Visioning
  • Implementation
  • Managed Services & Support
  • Product Training

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