SmarTek21 Makes Chatbot Resources Freely Available For COVID-Affected Organizations

Why SmarTek21?

Uniquely capable of ensuring successful data transformation and modernization efforts.

SmarTek21 was founded in 2006 by technology and business experts who realized that the business world was becoming increasingly data driven. They understood that to thrive in such an environment, organizations of all sizes must transform, to become the types of enterprises who employ data as a strategic asset that drives business strategy and as the foundation of a dramatically improved ability to engage with their workforce and customers.

More specifically, SmarTek21’s founders recognized that the key to doing so was to marry powerful data management systems with conversational AI so that users — both internal and external — can more naturally interact with applications, services, and brands through text and even voice with greater context, richness, and personalization. Consequently, SmarTek21 developed its Digital Business Platform, which provides robust “Big Data” cleansing, data preparation, integration, and transformation capabilities, and couples it with what has been recognized by Gartner for the second year in the row as one of the leading Conversational AI platforms, a system that enables natural, contextual, and multilingual data engagement.

SmarTek21’s Digital Business Platform is the foundation for our various service practices, including Hybrid/Cloud Data Services, Data Management and Strategy, and AI and Advanced Analytics. Each requires a critical blend of deep industry expertise in business and data strategy, cloud technologies, security, AI/machine learning/analytics, and change management skills that only a company like SmarTek21 can provide. SmarTek21’s unique combination of platform, services, and expertise has helped transform many of the worlds’ most recognized companies into digital enterprises that use data and analytics as a primary driver of strategy, business value, and competitive advantage.

Industry leadership

Advanced technologies: Leaders in conversational AI, NLU/NLP, content and data/metadata management solutions

Transformation Capabilities

Turn data into a strategic asset: Unearth, transform, analyze, engage with, and even monetize data through AI and intelligent data/metadata management
Modernize your infrastructure: Build a foundation for operational and data excellence plus rapid innovation

Ensuring Success

Legacy-friendly modernization: Reduce costs, risks, and disruption thru innovative augmentation, not rip-and-replace
Digital Business Platform: A combination of frameworks and solution accelerators ensuring rapid, high quality innovation
Outcome-based engagements: An unrelenting focus on ensuring that all projects are centered around clear business outcomes and with a distinct emphasis on operationalization