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Intelligent Engagement Through Conversational AI

Customized and personalized user experiences. Naturally..

Companies of all sizes are awash in data. But data that cannot be easily accessed and engaged is of little value. How, then, to help your workforce and customers better engage with the data you’ve refined, connected, and deployed? While there are innumerable ways to provide better, easier access to data, the ideal is to allow the user to interact naturally with your systems, to allow them to ask for they need without any particular knowledge of where that data is or how it is formatted, and let the system determine their intent and respond accordingly. This is the promise of SmartBotHub, our industry-leading Conversational AI platform, to naturally interact with applications, services, and brands through text and even voice with greater context, richness, and personalization.


Increase in sales conversions with more engaged discovery


Reduce support costs with intuitive self-service


Increase customer retention and satisfaction

SmarTek21’s SmartBotHub conversational engagement platform creates personalized and useful interactions. It is based on each visitor’s unique intentions and objectives and provides an experience that stands apart from existing web and mobile applications—which require the user to understand how to navigate them to get the answers they seek. Instead, SmartBotHub intelligently translates each customer’s intent, as expressed through their own language, to determine the best way to get them what they need. This goes beyond trying to mimic human-like interactions or tricking the user into thinking they are conversing with a live agent. It’s about understanding their intent and addressing it quickly and effectively. Among its core features are:


Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Support for all major browsers, apps framework, messaging systems, and voice-centric systems from smart speakers to IVR systems

Flexible Deployment

Can be deployed on in cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid fashion. Support for single and multi-tenant installations

Powerful and Flexible NLP

Industry-leading NLP engine plus support for all major 3rd-party NLP engines

Powerful Analytics

Pre-integrated analytics workbench tied to a flexible data lake

Powerful API

Enterprise-class data integration and connectivity through a robust, scalable API

Rigorous Security and Compliance

Ensures that data is only made available to authorized users while also ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements

Sentiment Analysis

Industry-leading capabilities to infer the intents and sentiments of users and offer appreciate information and recommendations


Powerful tools to automate and improve data processes and workflows

Machine Learning

Machine learning is used to constantly improve the user experience, data validity, recommendations, and to offer predictive analytic services

2019 Market Guide for Conversational Platforms

Learn why our SmartBotHub platform has been recognized by Gartner as a leading conversational AI solution for the second year in a row.

SmartBotHub™ solves tough challenges and unearths new opportunities for enterprises with customer care and digital marketing programs. It is specifically designed for teams who need always on self-service support and sales capabilities for their new and existing customers and want to delight users with an online engagement experience which is effective and representative of their brand.

SmartBotHub enables enterprises to create compelling (chat) message (bot) automated transactions for customers and employees enabling businesses to move faster and provide “always on” services.

SmartBotHub is an omnichannel, highly agile platform that connects enterprise applications and services allowing companies to create compelling and easy-to-use chatbot experiences for their customers. Our proven track record speaks for itself with over 11 years of sophisticated UI/UX design and deployment experience for millions of Fortune 500 end users.