Since 2006, our customers have trusted us to deliver on their aggressive digital transformation projects and rescue them from technology challenges that stall their business.

Business Outcome

We focus on ensuring a positive ROI for every IT dollar spent and making a measurable impact on each of our customer’s businesses.


We have industry leading technologists with high customer referenceability and the experience to tackle a wide range of projects and applications.


We bring repeatable best practices and “productized” managed services to ensure success and 24×7 support.

Service Practices

Current IT trends should play a role in shaping the digital evolution and transformation of your business. At SmarTek21, we’ve developed core service practices that can help you stay at the forefront of digital technology and meet the needs of today’s enterprise:

Digital Engagement & Customer Experience

Transform the way your company does business in the digital world and improve customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI

A comprehensive conversational platform that can help you customize and personalize customer experiences.

Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Delivering operational excellence for your SPM processes and systems to ensure on-time and accurate payouts.

Office 365 & Productivity

Drive higher adoption of Office 365 services and ensure value with better productivity and team collaboration

Cyber Security & Risk Management

Accelerate your GRC compliance and ensure you remain in good standing and secure.

Hybrid Cloud & Data Services

Accelerate the value of cloud with hybrid deployments and without having to commit to 100% migrations.

Data Management & Data Cleansing

Address the challenges of accessing all your data and improve its accuracy to power applications and insights.

Agile DevOps Management

Increase the pace of your release management by relying on us to add DevOps practices.

Proven Success Accelerating Digital Evolution and Transformation


USD70+ million generated

in attributable revenue for our client leveraging our SmartEngine delivering over 2+billion emails per year.


40 percent increase

in sales and service productivity for a major insurance company through a combination of collaboration and business intelligence solutions.


67 percent increase

in call center productivity for a major insurance company through a combination of collaboration and business intelligence solutions.


50 percent saved

on development and deployment costs through our unique hybrid staffing model for mobile wallet and payments provider.


USD10+ million saved

annually for the world’s largest online retailer by leveraging our collaboration and system integration strategies.


USD2+ million saved

for a client on the cost of paper alone through our development of web-based portal to automate a manual process through our hybrid development team.

500,000+ employees

enabled with better productivity and team collaboration.

30 to 60 percent increase

in customer satisfaction both internally with employees and externally with customers, on average.

15 to 40 percent reduction

in support costs across a diverse customer base and technology use cases.

99 percent SLA exceeded

improved service level agreements (SLAs) to exceed industry standards.

Three to 10 years

delivering sustained value with average contracts lasting years.

Top 20

on Gartner’s top vendors for conversational platforms.

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