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A Case Study: How SmarTek21 Helped Amazon Manage 20,000 Vendors and Legal Contracts

It stands to reason that if you are the largest online retailer in the world, you are going to be producing and managing record volumes of contracts and financial documents. So if you think managing your company’s documents is cumbersome, imagine the challenge faced by Amazon’s Retail Distribution Finance and Legal team.

SmarTek21 Developed a Digitized Portal With Integrated and Automated Search Functionality That Resolved Major Headaches for Amazon With Some Upside Benefits:

  • Offered real-time visibility to executives on the overall state of Amazon’s investments in their distribution infrastructure reducing key decisions from days to hours.
  • Reclaimed an average of 2 hours per person per week across both legal and tax groups.
  • Improved accuracy, reducing more than $10M USD annually in contract terms, fees, and erroneous renewals.
  • Reduced redundant contracts by 50%, consolidated vendors and improved overall ROI by 200%.

Learn how SmarTek helped Amazon’s Retail Distribution Finance and Legal team make this Digital Transformation, by reading our case study at

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